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8 Fixture Aurora Series Tennis Court Lighting System

8 Fixture Aurora Series Tennis Court Lighting System

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High Wind 5" Anchor Base Poles

  • FIXTURE HOUSING - Architecturally designed one piece die cast aluminum housing.
  • DOOR FRAME  - A single piece die cast door frame that features a tool-less latch with stainless steel hardware.  A silicone gasket provides a weather tight seal.
  • LENS - A clear sag lens is standard.  An optional flat lens is utilized for cut off applications.
  • BALLAST - Name brand ballasts are mounted to a ballast tray that is removable without tools.  A quick disconnect is featured for easy repairs and maintenance.  Quick connect ballast trays are shipped separate for easy installation.
  • EPA - 2.00
  • 8 - Aurora die cast fixtures w / 1000 watt metal halide bulbs and 30' pig-tale
  • 8 - CCSVSA7-190 7º Up Tilt Single Straight Arms
  • 8 - RSP20-4-11 4" OD Round Poles 
  • 32 - Anchor bolts and template
Pulse-Start Option Available.  (See Specifications)

Two week lead time required.

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