5 Tennis Supplies You Need To Host A Tournament

When prepping for a tennis tournament, most organizers focus on nailing the budget and coordinating registrations. While those things are crucial, they are just the baseline.  True tennis enthusiasts know that a tournament's success hinges on the courts' readiness – because no epic match ever unfolded while hitting balls on a sagging net! An epic tournament calls for the right equipment and tennis supplies. Here's a list of 5 must-have supplies that will ensure your tennis tournament runs smoothly:

1. Tennis Ball Machine

A good warm-up can set the tone for a competitive game, and what better way to do this than with a tennis ball machine? A good ball machine can also help athletes practice shots before the next game.  That’s why no tournament preparation is ever complete without one. Your players will surely thank you for having a tennis ball machine they could practice with on-site.

2. Tennis Court Windscreens

Nothing wrecks a player’s confidence faster than wind messing with ball trajectories.

Enter tennis court windscreens.  

 Strategically placed windscreens protect the court from pesky breezes that could affect the game. Install windscreens on your outdoor court and reduce wind-based excuses!

3. Scoreboards

Accurate score-keeping shouldn’t get lost in memory lapses - especially when the next set hangs by a single point!  Investing in a high-quality scoreboard, especially an electronic one, removes guesswork and confusion during intense games. These can also help prevent disputes. Some advanced versions even integrate scoring rules and timers to track time violations – so you don’t have to.

4. Tennis Court Surfacing Tools

Tennis court surfacing tools aren't exactly what you may have in mind when prepping tournament supplies. But smooth, debris-free courts are non-negotiable for fair play. Besides, no player can deliver their A-game on cracked courts filled with uneven patches, holes, and sandy textures. Equip your crew with court groomers like drag mats for smoothing sandy patches, blow squeegees for clearing puddles, and chalk liners for redefining faded boundaries.  Don’t just prep your courts once. Enable easy upkeep across the tournament for consistency.

5. Net Adjustment Tools

Over time, net cords may loosen while the height of the center strap may drop – often unevenly. While these changes may seem minor, even an inch of difference can negatively impact serves and returns.  Equip your courts with commercial-grade net adjustment tools for keeping nets firm and sturdy – because nothing enhances the integrity of the game like a net that looks and feels as good as new.

Final Thoughts

Remember, your tournament isn’t just about the players' skills but also about the environment and conditions you provide. So, as you prepare for your upcoming tournament, make sure to check off these essential supplies from your list.  

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