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How to measure and install windscreens

Measure and install windscreens as follows:

Suggestions for measuring windscreens

  1. Measure all fences tension bar to tension bar.  Don't include end posts in the measurement, as windscreens should cover only the fence mesh. Measure gates and transoms the same way.
  2. Measure at the site whenever possible rather than from drawings.
  3. Run measuring tape along the ground.  slack occurs if the tape is run along the fence.
  4. Give exact measurements of all fences and doors in feet and inches.  Don't round off.
  5. Remember that no two fences are exactly the same.  Measure everything.
  6. For ease of handling, order panels 60 feet in length or shorter.
How to install windscreens
  1. Make sure the fence is well anchored and in good condition before installing windscreens.  NOTE: Installation of windscreen fabric will increase the possibility of damage to your fence caused by wind. Any damage to fence caused by windscreen installation is the owners responsibility.
  2. Nine feet high windscreen are hung from the top of 10 feet high fencing allowing one foot of air space at the bottom.  Six feet high windscreens are placed in the center of the fence, or two feet from the top.
  3. Hang hems toward the fence, smooth sides toward the playing area.
  4. Windscreen should be hung so that air vents, if included, are near the top.
  5. Mare sure that every grommet is attached to the fence.
  6. Fasten one vertical edge at the desired height to the fence using 50 lb breaking strength Ty-raps.
  7. Next fasten the top of the windscreen to the fence keeping the top straight by following the chain link pattern, using 50 lb breaking strength Ty-raps.
  8. If using nine feet high windscreen attach the anti-billowing center tape to the fence using lacing rope or cord. 
  9. The remaining bottom half of the windscreen may be fastened by lacing rope or cord or with Ty-raps.  (I like to lace only the center so that the top and bottom can release in high winds. Others like to fasten the entire bottom half with rope or cord so that in case of high winds the top half will release and fold down to the anti-billowing hem.) 
  10. If lacing the bottom half fasten the remaining topside end with Ty-raps.
  11. If only lacing the center ant-billowing hem, fasten remaining bottom and sides with Ty-raps.
Care of Windscreens
  1. Hose off windscreens when you clean the court surface to remove any dust accumulation.
  2. Hose off and dry completely before storing.
  3. Repair any cuts promptly